Search Engine Marketing for Therapists

Are you looking for ways to increase your caseload and boost your practice’s online visibility? Knowing where to even begin with this can feel stressful and overwhelming. But it doesn’t need to be! You just need the right help to make it happen.

Marketing Your Practice Can Be Overwhelming

When your livelihood depends on a consistently full practice, you can't afford to take chances with your marketing strategy. Relying on referrals from your network or listing sites is unlikely to keep you full.

Dealing with a shrinking caseload?

To make your practice profitable, you need many clients. Standing out and attracting clients can be difficult but important for success. We have the expertise to help you with this.

Not attracting the right clients to your practice?

Constantly receiving queries from potential clients outside your specialty can be frustrating. We will make a personalized  marketing plan for your brand. This plan will ensure that your message aligns with your brand. It will also help in attracting the right customers.

Receiving fewer website visitors?

Have you noticed that visitor numbers to your practice website are dwindling? We know that competition among private practices is tough, making it hard to stand out from your competitors and get noticed. Our SEO strategies are designed to help practices just like yours stand out from the crowd and be seen by the exact clients you’re looking for.

Simplify Your Marketing

Getting your website seen by your potential clients can feel like a complicated task. So, why not leave it to us to take care of it on your behalf?

Benefit from proven marketing techniques

Having worked in a group practice in an administrative role  and being married to a private practice owner, I have a unique perspective on the pressures practices face when it comes to maintaining caseloads.

Discover effective strategies

Our effective marketing strategies are tailored to the needs of your practice to maximize results. You won’t find one-size-fits-all solutions here. Instead, we’ll listen to your needs to develop a marketing strategy that helps your practice thrive.

We've Got Everything Your Practice Needs to Grow!

Having a website for your practice is essential. But a website alone is not always enough to attract new clients. Instead, you need a full search engine marketing strategy designed specifically for the needs of your therapy practice.


Ensuring your practice has a prominent and positive online presence is a must to reach your potential clients. Our SEO for therapists services are designed to achieve the results you need to build your online presence and attract the exact clients you are looking for to increase your caseload.

Google Ads

Google Ads for therapists can play a vital role in attracting new clients to your practice. But you need to know how to get the best results from your Google Ads budget. We will develop a targeted Google Ads campaign that grows your caseload and boosts your profits.

Content Writing

Ensuring that your website gets seen is essential, but once your potential clients arrive on your site, you need to ensure you have professional, engaging content. Our content writing service ensures your site is populated with the exact content your potential clients are looking for from a therapy practice.

Website Design

A well-designed website is essential to showcase everything your therapy practice has to offer. With our help, you will soon have a therapist website design to be proud of and one that delivers results.

Who We Help

Are you ready to grow your practice and watch it thrive? All it takes is three easy steps to start growing your practice:

Individual Private Practices

Group Private Practices

Telehealth Private Practices

Get Started

Three Easy Steps to grow your practice


Book your free consultation

Enjoying the benefits of a tailor-made search engine marketing plan starts with a free consultation.

Simply book your free consultation, and our friendly team will discuss your objectives and needs so that we have the information we need to create a bespoke search engine marketing strategy.


Let us make a customized plan

After your free consultation, our expert team will get to work and craft a personalized search engine marketing plan that’s designed to match the individual needs of your practice and deliver results.


Sit back and watch as your caseload grows

All you need to do now is to sit back, relax, and watch your caseload grow as we get to work implementing your search engine marketing strategy and fine-tuning it to the needs of your practice. Throughout this time you’ll benefit from dedicated support along with tried-and-tested strategies that have achieved proven results.

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Is it time to start growing your practice so that it can thrive in the competitive world of therapy? We’re here and ready to help.

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